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A work of art

So-seok, Shon Kwang-soo
So-seok, Shon Kwang-soo

So-seok, Shon Kwang-soo



So-seok, Shon Kwang-soo was born in 63 and spent his childhood with dirt under his father, who was running an onggi factory.



 After entering Dankook University's pottery department, I fell in love with making tea tools.



In particular, after 16 years of efforts to create Jeong-ho's "Dawan," he was brought to the world with his "Dawan,"



which is a perfect place to be put to the world.



In addition, various works such as tea set, living magnetic field, and works are performed in Konjiam,



 Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do.



He runs a firewood kiln.




1993 Dankook University Graduate School of pottery



2002 Korea Craft Competition Award



2007 Mungyeong National Multi-Wan Contest Specialization



2007 Encouragement Award for the 28th Modern Art Exhibition



2009 Great Tea Daggy Exhibition Special



2010 Youngnam Art Exhibition Special Award



2015 Korea Culture & Arts Competition Award



2019 New York Art Expo Exhibition





A master of works



National Folk Museum of Korea, Chosun Dynasty Museum


Pacific O'Sullok Museum, Galleria