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제목 Yellow soil Painting in the 2000s_Park, Byung-joon 등록일 -0001.11.30 00:00

The world's first Artist of yellow clay


Doctor of Honor U,S,A



Hongik University Graduate School


The collection of five works


By Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House )




A prize winner


The United States government


A collection of works


The winning artist of Congress .

ㅁ   Title _  Yellow Mud, Land of Life (intensified dots, lines, planes)

       Material_ Traditional Korean paper, Natural Ink, Yellow Mud, White Mud, Extra Gel

        Size_ Width 396cm, Length 138cm / Period- 2001


Artist of yellow mud Park, Byung-Joon(Dot, Line, Plane)



What is a painting?

As I continue working this question looms in front of me, What is a painting and why does th mystery grow larger with every brush stroke? The new forms of art suh as performance art, event art, video art, and even media art are invented everyday along with new forms of painting, expressing, and new philosophical ideologies of art makes it ever more fifficult to find the truly creativ and from the present aims to change the way of thought for thevetter in the future.

New words for sociology science, culture, and art makes one wonder if it isn’t science that creates att now and the rapid rate of change in every field makes what is art nearly indistinguishable.

In such situationk one must wonder if one keeps on asserting tradition a ne freash creative art will no longer appear and art itself will become obsolete...

A new material a new way fo expression and a continuous study of tradition and a revolution based on tradition will be needed to break the rigid dogma of the past If today’s artist focus on mountains, water, rocks, pebbles,the rivver that flows between forests and the undanedaily materials, they will never find a new refreshing techniqe and never create their masterpieces. The color revolution haschanged our entire way of thinking. it is because of such changes that I have found the present colors lacking and have turned to the yellow mudand theearth.


Earth, yellow mud is the mother of all life. The combinatio of the yang of the sky and the ying of the earth gives life and the earth gies the ood that supports life and when life ends, it returns back to earth. While this might seem similar to the ideologies of buddha I have tried to find meaning with in the earth to earth philosophy. I have used the yellow mud to find thetruth about our lives and the meaning of it. The changing form ... A silent new way of expression hiddenbeneath the dots annd lines and plans... My art is made by using the unique colorof the yellow and white mjd and seeing the combination of these too and capturing the exact moment when the mud changes color to suit my tastes which gives them their unique meaning.


Just in case someone misunderstands, I did not use the earth to represent our emotion but to use the mud to give beauty to the everyday lives of our ancestors to symbolize the land within their lives. Therefore I have used my own unique method and a closer inspection wil reveal my message in each painting Also there is no correct way of understaing my paintings. It will all depend on a variety of eloments and if a hundred people view my paintings and come away with a hundred differn=ent interpretation that is entirely possible as well. While I have always focused and concentrated on my work, this time I am even more focused and dedicated to my work. The aterial is iportant but the way I express it and the method I use is always foremost in my ind as any artist should.


Dot, Line, Plane

The first element of a painting is a dot. It is the essence of a painting that is rarely seen. Although by definition it doesn’t exist phsycially, it can be defined as null. At the same time a dot is a bridge between two existences. That is the innate description of a dot. As the dot’s conect, it becomes a line. A line can change into many forms such as parallels curves and even angles such as acute and obtuse and even more varied forms as well. A straight line is perfect for a plane while a curve contains the nucleus of a plane. Even straight lines has an ultimate characteristic of giving birth to a plane. My ellow mud works are a harmony of dots, lines and planes which come together to represent muself in each part of the drawing. My own unique coloring is not a chemically cltered color but a natural color fro the yellow mud that enhances the visual impression as well as the hiden tension which a person with an appreciative eye can see.

Through my 40 years of research, I have continously searched for a paper that can contain the ink while using an oriental technique and various compact lines as well as a western technique that orchestrate the dot, line and plane and finally cone up with a newtechnique.

I have spent all my passion to use the white and yellow mud to express my hidden emotion and the tireless energy that drives e to create y works and used my own unique style to nnot color in the road, people, river, water and animal. It is both to differentiate my work with others and to emphasize the truth of the surroundings.



2001.09.23 yellow mud artist Park, Byung-Joon