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제목 Galleriajang's collection, 7.0cmX9.0cmX3.5cm in total 341.5g =1707.5 carat
Eighty-five collections of "Galleriajang" (director David Chang, galleriajang.org) in Cheonan were submitted for registration as cultural assets of South Chungcheong Province. In addition, the Galleria Chapter has been active in selling six pieces of its collection to Christie's. When the construction of the new gallery is completed by 2022 and 100 registered cultural assets are housed, the gallery will be created as an art museum in name and reality. Before that, I look around 13 valuable collections. accompany a commentary to help one's understanding

Galleriajang's collection, 7.0cmX9.0cmX3.5cm in total 341.5g =1707.5 carat was first unveiled. Blue sapphire, one of the four major gems, and the gem is trimmed into 64 cotton water droplets, and the more the noodles increase, the more valuable the jewel is with color and gloss depending on how it is processed. As the birthstone of December 2 and September, the Jewelry Day, Sapphire is known for its true, unchanging, and honest heart. In 2016, the world's largest 1404.49 carat blue star sapphire was found in Sri Lanka. The BBC reported that 1404.49 carats, more than 10 carats, have been found than the largest blue sapphire ever discovered, making it the largest blue sapphire in the world. The sapphire, which had been handed down since his father's birth, conducted an appraisal of at least 100 million U.S. dollars (120 billion won) from the Korea Jewelry Appraisal Association and expected it to be worth more than 210 billion won if it is put up for auction.


1. Blue sapphire (1707.5 carat)

Blue sapphire, 7.0cmX9.0cmX3.5cm Total 341.5g =1707.5 Carat