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제목 Myung Geun Hee The mother of a painter named Hwang Chang-ha.Doctor of Internal Medicine, Hwang In-gu, Cheonan


Myung Geun Hee


The mother of a painter named Hwang Chang-ha.


황작가 전시4.jpg

Doctor of Internal Medicine, Hwang In-gu, Cheonan




Doctor Respected in South Korea



오행님 강용남 황창하 김태희 명근희 박영복 나희정.jpg





Park Young Bok

35-year educator with the wife of Moon Young-sik.


명근희 오행님 박영복 김태희 나희정.jpg


Oh Haeng Im

After one's official life publishing for husband Lee Dong-beom



꾸미기_김태희 박영복 명근희 나희정 강용남 오행님.jpg

Kim Tae-hee

Son : Oh Yang Jin, Ph.D. in U.S. Stenford Electronics Engineering


Kang Yong Nam

Husband Kwon Shin-nam Hyundai E & I Managing Director


Na Hee Jung

Husband Kim Kang-ok, 30 Years of Educator

First Meeting. Propose on a mountain trip to Mt. Mudeung.


장석용 예술평론가 회장.jpg




Committee of Korea Arts Critcs


president Chang Seok Yong (changcopolo)




Hwang Chang-ha, the painter of the painting "The Self," describes his unstable mind at the time.

It is said that it was an expression of the work.


I'm standing in self-awakening as an answer to painting.

The self-portrait of a person who wanted to be included in the canvas, through harmony and co-prosperity with himself,

In order to find out, he attempted to sublimate his work beyond personal tastes and social circumstances.


To deviate from childhood values and subjective concepts.

Hwang Chang-ha, the painter's personality and the environment of the times.

It must have been a process of conflict to get out of the way


like a peek in a piece of work

Colors tell us his identity is buried, and he's got a structure.

It is stable, but still has harmony and beauty.


In this work, there is an abstract overall flow that is unique to Huang Chang-ha.

There's a motion of original identity, and there's a sense of identity.

a gradual progression of beauty and inner identity

It is good to see progress again and again.


without abstractness and the artist's inner repetition

Color, structure and harmonic identities come to the attention of visitors