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제목 Artist: Hwang Chang Ha 2019: Galleriajang.org private exhibition


Artist Note


This exhibition is composed of universal topics such as the temporal meaning of Kronos and Kairos, the relationship between digital and analog, and what it means to be tamed, nature’s ability to heal and the world of ego. There are two Greek words for time: Kronos and Kairos. Kronos simply refers to the continuous flow of time in nature while Kairos is conscious and subjective time, meaning opportunities and decisions. In Greek mythology, Kairos was the son of Zeus and was called the "God of Opportunity." The Kairos-based sculpture, made by Lysippos, had thick bangs, bald backs, and wings, and stood on the ball of his feet and held scale and knife in his hands. According to Aesop's Fables, this is so that it is easy for people to catch him by his hair when they find him and never to be able to catch him once he passes (hence the back of head was bald). The scales and knives symbolize the determination of right and wrong, and the making of shrewd decisions. Unlike Kronos’ time which consumes everything, Kairos’ time is not physical time but a time of emotions. It is a time filled with meaning, concrete events, joy of salvation and a time of awakening and determination. From these two higher concepts of times, I have created my early works into my canvases, remaining cognizant of the analog, the digital, and time of an artist(time of Kairos) as artist engages in artwork.


As can be seen from the taming of the fox in the “Little Prince” by Saint Exupery, taming is one of the most valuable lessons the fox gave to the Little Prince.


In order to tame something fully, we need the absolute physical time of Kronos, and we also need the specific and meaningful time of Kairos.


The production of artwork is not much different.


In order to create a single piece of artwork, the inevitable Kronos’ time is absolutely necessary while simultaneously, the writer constantly performs the acts of communication and taming to come to an end.




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