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제목 Moral values, standards of judgment, including one's words and deeds,



Moral values, standards of judgment, including one's words and deeds,
We need to approach them with a pattern of behavior, personality, and a comprehensive concept.

There were many problems with morality to be judged by standards that were against the law.

It's against the law, but if you set the bar to the law on a problem that is compatible with a person's social character,
Morality can also cause arbitrary behavior in the social order.

Morality standards should be addressed in character education and self-interest, which increases internal values.

For example, moral and external situations, such as the order and discipline, are not the same.
Because it's causing confusion.

If you broke the law in the face of an internal conflict, you'd have to have a societal and reflective atmosphere.
If you take a firm course of action, you're going to be a moral person.
You can say it's.

The social atmosphere that makes our inner self beautiful is what we live in.
It's because it comes with great harmony.

Law is the minimum standard that members of society should follow.
We're practicing social contracts as a moral standard.

For young children, the moral meaning is
They were being decided by their interests, praise, and interesting habits.

Such Abe in terms of Takeshima to the Dokdo in education textbooks are black.
Neglected by a valid Japanese intellectuals teach a modern version of Dokdo's terrorist.

Abe's family is the only one who has power as a family of war.
to keep the government in power, even by falsely changing history.
We need to be able to distinguish between ordinary people and the rest of the world.

And no matter how young you are, you're not going to be able to understand
Be sure to keep in mind whether it's environmentally important.
And as a result, we're seeing the birth of the devil.

If I had even given Abe a little bit of education in which intellectuals could only distinguish between childhoods and wrongs,
These things didn't show up.
Abe's morality doesn't even match the standard of elementary school students.
In that sense, Trump has a lot to do.

A head of state must have thorough moral and ethical integrity.
Look at the great powers of the earth. Their ugly words and deeds are in a peaceful world.
It was bringing destruction.

The harmony and balance of life are broken, and the physical attraction is extreme.
Bringing environmental destruction, water bombs, extreme droughts. the first typhoon in 1000 years
Hunger, peace, etc. should be put into practice as the most important concerns.

If you look at Abe's propensity to show or praise the U.S.
The tendency to listen was affecting moral judgment.

I think it's more important to be recognized and loved by teachers and war criminals than anything else.
That's why you often act without conscience.

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