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제목 Dokdo is Japanese government to create turmoil in world peace.Abe and the war criminals to disappear.


 Dokdo is Japanese government to create turmoil in world peace.Abe and the war criminals to disappear.



On March 26, 2019 through the distorted contents of the elementary school textbooks about Dokdo is Japanese government to create turmoil in world peace.


Far-fetched claim to the Korean-controlled Dokdo islands in the Japanese government passed 12 elementary school textbooks that are stronger.

Now, not only Japanese but also young elementary school students have a negative history as if it were true.

They are committing cruel acts of passing on the situation of not stopping the running train to Korea.


By instilling Japanese elementary school students with a false sense of history, Korea and Japan are negatively influencing the development of future-oriented relations, and even elementary school students are right-leaning.


Japan is urging Japan to withdraw its approval of the textbook authorization. Japanese Ambassador to Korea Yasumasa was summoned to the Foreign Ministry building to protest, but it would be hard for Abe and the war criminals to disappear.


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Japan recently South Korea protesting in its search for drone from a Dokdo marine research institutions.

There's a lot of crazy things going on.


Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was a spokesman for a war criminal.

Takeshima to maritime survey in waters around Japan announced and the selection of Korea diplomatic channels to complain about, especially call Takeshima, the Dokdo."Takeshima to the sovereignty of Japan's stance in accordance with the problems that can not accept" he added.


Republic of Korea, Dokdo is an historic, geographic, effective and permanent international law, obvious.

It's Korean territory, but it's hurting peace like this way.

Since both South Korea and Japan are 'radar dispute', Abe regime to maintain the Dokdo problem.

They're doing it.


Japan's new textbooks about the argument about a distorted, the Japan's ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly.To protest.


Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Tae-ho left at around 3 p.m. today (May 26) for Minne. Yasumasa summoned Japanese Ambassador to Japan, chochiae about on the elementary school textbooks with distorted claims are raising for problems and called for withdrawal.


Earlier, Japan held the textbook authorization council meeting and today, described 'Dokdo is Japan's territory' or 'Dokdo to Korea, Japan, are under illegal occupation.' high. Three to six grade of elementary social studies textbooks approved a 10.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman immediately to make a statement and " The obvious our own territory with its historical and geographical and international law an unwarranted claims to Dokdo.Strongly condemn that passing a elementary school textbooks, which promote to immediately withdraw, said.


In particular, the Japanese government, the Cabinet and the Abe administration said, "By instilling false territorial perceptions based on the wrong perception of history to even elementary school students, it will negatively affect the development of future-oriented relations between Korea and Japan."

It's a difficult task in the context of an international power struggle as long as you're in power.