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제목 What is the success of the small artworks, appreciation and investment?



What is the success of the small artworks, appreciation and investment?
The role of the collector is absolutely critical to excavating writers with potential for development.

The real price of art and its place in the retail market.
I think it is ultimately a job to save the art world.

Recently, Art Jates Tech has attracted investors.


One who sees art as a commodity and one who sees it as a work. The former is a speculation and the latter an investment.

" Buying artwork is an investment in intangible value of the artist's vision," he said. "Only if we can show a cooperative relationship that supports him even if he is traded at an unexpected price is the real investment."

The criteria for selecting artwork should be based on works by artists with a lot of activities, such as exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions, and invitations. The higher the frequency of contact with the consumers as often as possible, the higher the value of

 If the author's passion for communication and achievement meets and the growth continues, the value of the work will be reflected in the book.

How large and authoritative the work is, market research is essential.





Park Byung-joon

The fundamental reason for the Korean art market is that there are limited demand.

Based on the expansion of the platform, the recent boom in the art world is very positive in this regard, with the trade of low and medium-priced works briskly and monochromatic paintings re-emerged.

What art investors most want to look for is the future of Baek, Nam-joon, Park, Soo-geun, Park, Byung-joon,  Chang Hye-Lim,Kim,Whan-Gi.

He is a heaven-sent writer. If there is a writer with a low-rated vision, and a work that brings aesthetic and material wealth, what is this ashtray?

However, it is not easy to cover up the roof only when one is not as well-informed as one.

No wonder it takes a lot of time and effort to find a leading figure in the art world.

Artwork prices are most affected by the author's ability.

After all, the best way to invest is for the buyer to look up and discover art.



 Chang Hye-Lim,