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제목 The expression that language does not only give benefits, as mentioned above, language has terrible power.


Language of Light


松山 金相圭


Speaking of the world of my work, I have shown that I think the world of my work is very broad. The vestiges of life are all humanistic works. I said, briefly, that the work comes from my life itself, that I should be friendly, and that I should be exposed to the public in the public interest. This is the aspect of the author's own importance, the importance of expression, and the importance of the consequent effect. Again, the idea is that the essence is important, how you express it, and what you have to do is there. I'd like to start with a more fundamental story to make it easier for you to understand the universal thoughts that will flow through my abyss, which will inevitably be buried in future writings and works.



First of all, please remember the title of today's article, 'Language of Light.' As I said to you, "The work should appear as light," let's have the idea that light appears to us in the role of language. Language has really played a very important role in human civilization. All unique creatures have language that is their means of communication. Plants can see that clearly in modern science. On the other hand, we have a special ability to discover, develop, and use the letters Homo sapiens. A verbal human being is a very mysterious being. It's mysterious enough to feel engineering wonder when a child is born and crawls around, but it's even more mysterious to watch him speak. The moment we do "Daddy," we express our usual charm in the right language, we make jokes, and we ask fake, fundamental questions. Text and language have evolved, expanded, and united in different countries, and the excellence of language has been a factor that makes the people great. But I'd like to tell you a few things about the nature and the limitations of this language that we need to know, that we have a special knack, but it's also a particularly ugly opportunity, and what I'm going to talk about today is the natural language of light.



The expression that language does not only give benefits, as mentioned above, language has terrible power. There's a danger. First of all, language has the power to separate all of us from the moment we use it. There are teachers and learners, there are speakers, there are people who listeners. There are people who don't understand him and people who don't understand him, and there are also misunderstandings. The flow of nationalism is also a by-product of the separation of language groups. The power of language played a great role in the rise of human civilization.



Earlier, Lao Tzu mentioned this danger as a precondition before speaking out in Chapter 1. He also said the famous quote, "Dogado Monument," which is famous for its brand name. It's amazing that we, as a human being, have this reason, and it's even more amazing if we know the details of the Declaration. It also warned us of the dangers of everything we call the language and culture of every action. The moment you define something, it's not completely true. Thinking over the teaching of Lao Tzu and thoughts of Confucianism, there are many things are related with this language problems, such as ‘Don't say beautiful words without sincerity.’ ‘Be careful not to talk too much.’ ‘Don't pretend to know’ and ‘don't argue.Now, we can see the greatness of Lao Tzu, but today we're going to go back to the main subject, not the Lao Tzu.



The first is that the language of the world, which has the most universality, is the language of light. Light is the most fundamental, and unchanging language in the universe. Light has the power to repel darkness and fill it with light in an instant. Light can pass through anything. There is not only light in the universe, like the sun and moon, which are shining in distinct shapes, but also in the deep ocean where the light of the light cannot enter through refraction, or in the earth, tens of kilometers deep. There's this light inside of each of us. There is a universal light of existence that exists everywhere. I'm one of the life scientists trying to discover this light in nature. Yesterday, while listening to a famous singer, Jeokwoo, I heard a song called "The Dark Starlight."



'Dark Starlight' (Kim Hyun-sik) - Jeokwoo


Darkness comes as still as your breath, surrounds me,

Starlight comes down through the darkness and makes my heavy heart transparent.

Darkness, like your handkerchief, wipes my tears without a word.

Starlight comes down from the end of the sky and makes Geochi peaceful in my heart.

Everything on the ground goes to sleep, Aha. The darkness soothes my longing for you.

Like the breath you felt in your dreams, ah, you drop darkness on me every night so far away.

He sends me starlight every night. He sends me starlight every night.



I started to think about writing about the language of light today, listening to the songs that express the light that shines on a person's mind by using the medium of starlight and darkness. What a beautiful expression. It's amazing how you can speak such an emotional and emotional language. The role of nature's light is wisdom from savor. The law of nature is the most universal law, and the law of all mankind forever applied and learned. It is the law of light that forms the basis of this law. This law of light distinguishes nothing, discriminates against, and there is no night or day. It's a language that has the most universal love of all, with different appearance, not boring, diverse appearance, irregularity, but also high regularity and not disappointing humanity.



The time has come when we have to implement this language of universality. The ideology of hostile relations, ideology of ideology, extreme religious prejudice, conflict, nationalism, etc. are believed to be the product of a language lacking universality. The origin of the word "one" in Korean means "look up to the sky" and "look up to the sky." The original world came from one, and one is the original and the source. I think it's time for the human race to move in the direction of universal common sense.



Second, it's a double-sided property of light. Pascal and Newton's optical research has even won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the scientists who have benefited mankind for their great work in bringing about a revolution in human civilization. It opened up a world where we can see through the scientific activities and rationality of our lives and mankind in a mysterious existence that simply worships light. It's also the amazing mystery of light that when you pass through a prism, you create seven colors of the rainbow. Light brightens and brightens the surroundings. It also serves as a lighthouse that provides direction so that you don't get lost in the dark like mud. And without asking for anything, light is the source of heat that supplies the energy of all living things. So light is important, but it has visible light, but it has invisible light and its role varies.



The light is so mysterious to life. While many secrets of the mystique of life have been revealed, Pascal and Newton's scientific achievements have paved the way for a culture of quantity that calculates everything too quantitatively by building a strong scientific foundation in the West. It has taken a different route from the humanities department in the East, which denies quantitative calculations and values qualitative assessment. It also served as a national anthem for the devastation of the inner world and the brutal civilization centered on material civilization. But now we are entering an era of East-West convergence. We have to go back to the original light. It's a time when we have to go back from matter and science to human I think it's time to accept the qualitative values of Asians who are not quantitative but respect human rights in quality.



Third, the language of the 21st century will be dominated by the language of light. The attributes of light's relationship with humans are mentioned above. In terms of modern scientific language, light exists as a tremor with waves. As well as the nature of the particle, it has waves as its important properties. The basis of Eastern cultural language is explained by yin and yang. The 21st century is a time of convergence, where the East's Yin and the West's wave are the same language. The era of division, judgment, misunderstanding, oppression and oppression in the tyranny of language is now an era that can no longer be forgiven. You can digitize and save all colors because you can express color expressions by changing the symbols of the yin and yang. The sound has already been analyzed by a system of 13 repeated numbers and has been digitized by a combination of symbols of yin and yang. It means a scary and amazing era. The role of the media in this era and the mobile phone revolution are opening up a new era that is revolutionary day by day. Now, we've worked so hard that we don't have to try to read another language, we don't feel particularly uncomfortable, and we can't let the wall break it down. It's the time when everything comes in. Archaeological data from the past also became more clearly true.



It's time to speak the most common language instead of divide and discrimination. It has become clear that we should appear in the light of each other in the time we live together, and that policies and alternatives that benefit humanity should be discussed and that we can understand each other and help each other. These days, we've been reducing the situation for almost a week in a row with fine dust covering the worst-case scenario on the This is a tragedy of human youth and division and their own greed. But they've come to threaten us in a public and indiscriminate way. It's a time when we can be united and solve truly brilliant ideas only in a truly yielding and cooperative attitude. You can't be fooled by the division of the communist, democratic language and try to live any longer. We have to get out of the stupidity of the language the violence of the communist language, the red, the left, the right, the left, the right, the right It's a time when you have to think about the light. Light is not afraid of barriers or boundaries. We don't discriminate against our country. Light does not succumb to darkness. Light doesn't make sound. It shines brightly, it's directed, it injects energy, it creates a creature of stability, and it fixes the truth. We have to put down the language that we used. You have to be filled with people who still shine. Scholars should also play the language of learning and think about whether or not we benefit the human race. I'm a medical doctor and an artist. I started out as a fundamental motive for my epistemology to make many people happy, moved, and useful writing on trees through my thoughts and to be their friends. The work doesn't speak. But it delivers the message in a moving light. We're going to continue the work that appears to be light.





Sang-Kyu, Kim.