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제목 David Chang's Prospect of the Korean Economy 2019



David Chang's Prospect of the Korean Economy 2019


Given the state of the Korean economy, the won-dollar exchange rate will be around 1,500 won.


It could be the beginning if the government, which is the problem in the future, is not alert.


Of course, the next government's role will be very important, but the other side of the world's economy will be upside down.


We can throw it away, so why don't we make a big fuss in front of the typhoon?


Based on the economic growth rate of 2.6% in 2019, the economic growth rate will be minus growth by 2022.


We're going in.


The current Korean economy is full of existing crises. a rise in prices; an incomplete stock. exchange rate 


Real estate, automobiles, semiconductors, overall domestic demand, and so on.


In 2020, it will be the same as insolvent assets. The increase in interest rates has led to the overall economic crisis.


Uncertainty will be the time to actually enter.


By 2021, the instability of the real economy will come, and the time for a generational shift will come.


By 2022, the government will be forced to develop negative effects on its incompetence.


The government's policy is to bring about an overall consensus of the underlying real economy.


We need to find out the cause through.


The demand for real estate speculation is still potentially dangerous.


The remaining people's long-term government policy has been shown. In


We need to find policies and establish national views and values of moral and ethical maturity.


The inflation rate has already exceeded the 5 percent mark.


Even if we look at economic growth in 2019, the Korean economy is already in the 0%


50 percent of the households in this situation should regard the waste they have enjoyed as a Korean-style bubble.They don't have to say it's the 30,000-dollar era.


The power of the global typhoon is the hegemony struggle between the U.S. and China and the nuclear crisis in North Korea.


Because he's headed for Trump.


In the meantime, China and the United States have a weakness for each other: Taiwan.


This is because trade negotiations are bound to go to under-table.


It is because the political interests of servile, mean, greedy, and even war are bound to support them regardless of history.


Korea is no longer a nation's competitive power.


The role of mediator and driver is already perverted in logic.


This is because as long as there is internal strife between the Korean and Democratic parties.


Overcoming the crisis for Koreans in the real world is employment, birth policy, financial deficit, aging and property bubble.


If we don't take it right away, it's bound to collapse due to the limitations of the Korean economy.


The eye of the international typhoon is growing, and if interest rates in the United States reach the 3 percent level,


Korea's economically weak companies' sales cuts, household debts, credit ratings, and asset depreciation.


Stock market and property collapse will inevitably lead to collapse.






Then, what should we find about the economic crisis in Korea?


Hunminjeongeum, Traditional Culture, Yiyi's Political Thought, Confucian Culture, Turtle Ship


From clothing, architecture, music, food, poetry, painting, and the most Korean identity,


You will need to reset it again.




Chairman David Chang

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