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제목 [기본] Medical Doctor Kim,Sang Kyu 2019 Private Exhibition 02/15 - 03/15 ,My World of Works,Friendly Human Beauty and Empathy. 등록일 2019.02.11 15:58
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Now we are standing at the platform of Cheon-An(天安) station. The Cheon-An(천안) was originated from Cheon- Ha- Dae- An(천하대안, 天下大安) which means great peaceful city under the heaven. The main Korean rail roads and high ways are passing through Cheon-An city as like main platform of Korean peninsula.


As for speaking contemporary world’s economical, political, spiritual and cultural situations, we are standing at the platform of Cheon-An station as like main herbal platform of the world, changing swiftly and passing through like KTX having broken brakes. The worlds of “Passing Japan’ or , ‘passing Korea’ and ‘passing China’ are used frequently in this great changing stream of the Korean future and the future of Asia pacific world.


We are faced with heartbreaking situations where we should stand for or have to find answers. The neighboring countries’ perceptions about the unification of Korean peninsula are linked to their own interests. They are like roaring lions, foxes and tigers which seek preys in Amazon jungles.


The Do(, roads) should start with individual minds and minds, which have makes invisible strong cultural powers that endure all emergent or fatal situations. The Korean people endured a lot of hardships and suffering. And the task of reunification between South and North should be met with the true cultural reunification as one great Korean People which has maintain Pung Ryu Do(風流道). Our small exhibitions would show some of essence of that. Please come and see, touch, taste and imagine the tastes of that without any burdens or prejudice.


Based on 5,000 years of history and splendid cultural heritage, I believe that I will spend the year of 2019 as a true Pung-Ryu-DO-In(풍류도인, 風流道人) and could surely overcome unstable all domestic and international environmental difficulties under the faith of Korean cultural greatness and eternity.


Sincerely yours,

Chairman, galleriajang.org

David Chang


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My World of Works


Friendly Human Beauty and Empathy


Kim Sang-kyu 松山 金相圭


I had a dream last night in my sleeping bag. What is a very humble unknown, the meaning of destination to be moved long distances during the same training schedule during the war lost little guidance note. Lost, the other shoe to drop and hurried to derail everything and increasingly in the broken in any given situation. It was a dream. I was so grateful. What is a dream? It's a moment when you think about me very real. Man is a strange creature. In my life alone, I can tell you that I am truly a tomboy. What are dreams and how do our lives roll and what do they exist for? It was a night when I thought about the mystery of my childhood dreams as I watched them come true.

But life is not a dream story of a night. Most live long enough to be unable to pass the buck to the word fate, not That's why I can't help thinking about who I am and how to make a beautiful life. In George McDowell's booklet, "The Only One Life," to explain that life is the only one, an example of an old man, paradoxically speaking. In Harlem, New York, an old man met a robber who asked for money, and when he was intimidated to give it up, he introduced the book from the foolishness of his decision, who said, "I need money for old age, so I'll put my neck out." But I wanted to talk about the world of my work, "What about life?"I think I should start with the proposition of my life. I think that everyone's life has an absolute nobility that is incomparable and can somehow be beautifully decorated. It's not just about the philosophy of rehabilitation medicine and medicine, but also about human dignity and human rights as a modern person, it's a value that most people recognize in a society where the idea of human rights is universal. Human dignity leads to the fact that every human being has the right to pursue and possess happiness. I spent my childhood in the world of Shincheon, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong County, where I was born as the second son of three sons and one daughters of a farmer, and now I can see so many things and so many romance in front of Incheon, and became a death lake. And unlike other brothers, I had a lot of fun in making, designing, inventing, and doing things from a young age. It's amazing that people who are born and grew up in the same age under the same parents are as different as humans. I think life is a holy nugget who visits his true self and follows the ways of the heavens. A childhood dream is like a blueprint for an invisible life. The whole process of creation, just as it's done in the design and the will of the artistic and capable, is done in a given environment, beautifully decorated and trial-and-error, but ultimately completed and completed. A person's life goes through the same process as a drama and a movie. I think it's art to be with this kind of life all the time. It's been about eight years since I started calligraphy.




I began to meet friends who could talk about the 21st century's Dobwon resolution(挑圓結義), which is surrounded by mountains called Songun Misan and Songsan, and explain the true art and philosophy of life, such as "Let's Build a Forest of Life" and "Let the children read a book." These are the traces that have always survived directly and indirectly in the world of my work. But at the same time, I want to say that my art world started with my childhood dream life. Because life is a comprehensive art. Also, since art is living together, it needs to be the bridge of friendship that can communicate with friendliness. Also, I think that art should appear as my expression and light is the reason why I continue to be my art. I want to talk about my world of art in these three parts.


First, as life is art, art is the process of self-knowing and expressing itself. I think my work comes from me and is expressed by me and finally expresses my thoughts, values and character. They often express their work as children, just like their sons and daughters. When you complete a work and send it out, you will be asked to marry you. I also have a love for a work I've been working on. When you come home with your daughter, you help her grow up to be the mother of a complete family with one kind of sincere counseling. I go and see if the donated work is well preserved or doing well. They ask me quietly if the work they gave me as a gift is still hanging on the wall or if it hurts. Sometimes they can be brought home, treated, and sent back. When I see myself in the image of my two daughters, I am sometimes surprised. It is because I find myself appearing. I think my life is born with my work. Works made without something friendly and without love show this to the viewer. A work made in a quiet, happy and organized state of mind expresses this image of me. Therefore, I think the first thing that is created is an artist who finds me, develops me, trains me, and makes my life better. I always live with the thought that I am lacking. I think that the effort for everyone to know themselves should be the starting point of life, just as the self-discovery that was born as the son of a rural farmer, who studied in Seoul and did not read a book properly while going through high school. These people are transformed into art in their lives. There are many different genres of art. Even a tragedy as well as comedy can be an art. I was born in my country in 1960 and found myself living my life today. What a happy generation you are living in! I am so happy to live in Korea, which is shining with the light of the east in this beautiful world of Geumsugangsan(錦繡江山). Already I have been wanting to express, my golden cup is overflowing with rare liquor. The rest of my life in the Asia-Pacific era, where the Korean Peninsula will be at the center of the future, will be more converged, creative, imaginative, and romantic. My life in art can be said to be the starting point soon.



Secondly, I think that works should be familiar. I pursue my path as a kind of small-carrier writer. I live as a member of a large nursing hospital and a father of my family by creating and maintaining three friends, four clubs, and five or six thinkers. I see my father's image as difficult and stern and strong before his sharp intellect and cold judgment in overcoming difficult times. Everyone has two sides, but if it is the wisdom of my life, I think familiarity is important, even if it is hidden from my real self. One of my works is called Just People. It's a picture of a picture of a frame that I saw at a pension in Jindo, where I visited with my mother and sister for a summer vacation. It took only two or three hours to make it on a twig of ginkgo trees. So it's easy for anyone to see. Make it comfortable. Although there is a world where I spend many months of sweat and effort painting the golden powder, which is a money powder, I prefer a work that is familiar to me rather than a spectacular work that gives me dignity and pressure. Because I think my art should be a bridge of friendship with others at the same time as my expression. There are so many different aspects of society in the 21st century, but I think one of the biggest features is the reckless individualization. There's no stopping this process. Korean society is one of the most diverse countries in the world. I believe that diversity is probably the largest country since the Roman era. The U.S. has been a godfather in a diverse world for some time in the form of a United States, but now it has become a nation that is recognized by all as if it had given up its role. But objectively, the most diverse country in the world has already become Korea. It is the Korean Peninsula where communism and free democracy, which were enemies of North and South Korea, can be called y Korea is a country that has one ethnicity, but has the largest number of nationalities and has a multi-cultural family. The 1998 Olympic Games 2002 World Cup Games were the most attended by the countries than any previous competition. It's not even the U.S. and it's not comparable to Japan or China. But at the same time, there are a lot of homework to solve. It's been a long time since I became an IT powerhouse and surprised people around the world by going around Seoul for a day. But you have to know that the side effects are also great. Again, the individualization process mentioned earlier has reached its extreme. This is an irresistible force that cannot be tempered by education or religion. The extreme and side effects of apartment culture, compensation culture to solve anything created in government-led development culture, such as land development and land development, the trap of dualistic debate between left-wing progress and conservatism, and the family relationship destroyed by rapid economic development are driving young people into gross individualism. It's just friends who have no fun, no meaning, and no satisfaction. The number one suicide rate and the number one plastic surgery rate among OECD countries are no more surprising. Many young people think that they are not getting married. The future of the country is gone. I want to talk about the importance of art in this social environment. It's a time of need for familiarity. I think I need a bridge of friendship where I can communicate and talk and socialize without burden. I want to create a familiarity in which my thoughts and thoughts of saints can be met on the same screen, and I want to create a quality that doesn't cost a lot of money.


Third, I think that works should appear as the light of the world. A work is my expression, and although I am familiar with it, not everyone is a work Because if it's a movie that spits darkness and ruins society, it's more deadly than fine dust, even if it's a drama that gives viewers a few to 10 percent popularity It's a carcinogen that's a cancer in society. It's not just me. I think we should be able to give positive results and public benefits. If I can give a moral story or a thought and knowledge, I hope that it will be something that will make me feel the touch, the realization, the reproach and anything that can make me feel the clues. In my discovery and complex of not reading a book, I studied comprehensive English in high school, and I took courage and challenged the moon and 6pence in the fingerprint for a moment. The joy of mastering a book was great when he finished it with a spirit of challenge, searching for a comprehensive English fingerprint or countless unknown words. Like the title of a comprehensive English fingerprint called "Stricland's Passion for the Beauty," it was imprinted on my head. This piece of Smurset Adventure has been a ray of light in my life It's a little light on the dark inside of me that' Just as passion for beauty gave the protagonist the power to take his own path, it gave me the strength to live a meaningful life no matter what happens to me. In this way, I continued to pursue the truth and seek out the wisdom of the old Sung-hyun and create a passionate life to express ideas that are rising like springs inside me. So a piece of work can appear to each individual differently and in unexpected light. I think it should be the writer's conscience to hope for a positive light. Therefore, I think there should be a lot of efforts to train oneself diligently and to learn the humanities. So I'm going to look for a book today. The book I visited today is Hong Seok-ju's Noja book. It is a mystery that a philosopher who understood such a great old man existed during the Joseon Dynasty, the world of studying abroad. Not only is Geumsugangsan proud, but it would be appropriate to speak of the happiness of those who have forefathers who have great knowledge such as clouds, including Jeong Yak-yong, the main character of Chusa's Bojeongsanbang(寶丁山房). Even though I meet often, I want to come up like a friend. I want to make many people laugh, impress, empathize with, and continue to them. In a more chaotic world, I want to realize the art world with curved pine trees like Songsan, my dear friend.


2019.02.13 At dawn,

In front of the desk in the office room.

Written by Kim Sang-kyu



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