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제목 [기본] 2019, Artexpo New York 04/04 - 07, 2019 Gallery Princeton(NH) ,CELEBRATING 19 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN ART. 등록일 2019.01.23 16:11
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Looking to make priceless contacts with trade buyers, expand your business’s reach, sharpen your marketing skills, and reach the next level in your art career? We invite you to apply to Artexpo New York, the world’s largest fine art marketplace. Celebrating 41 years in 2019, Artexpo New York draws huge audiences each year. It’s simply the best event to showcase your work, gain greater exposure, connect with international buyers, and make sales.


Unlike many other fine art shows and fairs, Artexpo New York is a magnet to trade buyersin other words, gallery owners, art publishers, licensing directors, architects, designers, and other industry buyers seeking talented contemporary artists. The first two days of the show are trade-only days, with more than 5,000 professional trade buyers expected to attend. You might sell a few paintings at a standard art show, but at Artexpo New York, you can network with thousands of top industry buyers and potentially line up lucrative, long-term contracts.


Best of all, Artexpo New York is three shows under one roof! We’ll be co-locating with [SOLO] and [FOTO SOLO]in our new venue! Artexpo New York is moving to Pier 92 and running concurrently with The Photography Show presented by AIPAD at Pier 94.


Also home to the Armory Show, Pier 92 offers the opportunity to make some exciting changes, including a new Artexpo Platinum section, featuring a wide carpeted center aisle with major exhibitors on each side. Artexpo Platinum will be followed by a center section of booths, along with our signature [SOLO] and [FOTO SOLO] sectionsall contributing to the excitement of Artexpo New York 2019.





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64- Princeton Hightstown RD Princeton Junction N, J 08550 U, S, A






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