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제목 [기본] The 14th : Korean Art Exhibition. 04 / 13 - 15 /2019 ,64- Princeton Hightstown RD Princeton 등록일 2018.12.08 12:17
글쓴이 davidchang



The 14th : Korean Art Exhibition

The Passion and Beauty of Korean Art.

A Historical Cultural, and Political Perspective.


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Specal display




Period: Ming Dynasty ( 7Th Century )

The horse's mane and tail are finely detailed.

Wide : 27cm, Height : 20cm ,Weight : 7.2kg






Gallery Princeton


64- Princeton Hightstown RD Princeton Junction N, J 08550 U, S, A






 Dockdo Island
 East Sea of Korea

from Okido are the economically exclusive zones of both Korea and

Japan. The sea surrounding Dockdo which falls in between is included
in ‘middle water.’ After the agreement was issued, some residents in 

 the Shimane prefecture in Japan changed their census register to 

 Dockdo, prompting a campaign civic groups. Japan had already known

about the secret of oil and natural gas buried under Dong Hae or the 

 East Sea of Korea, within Korean territory.

China is also very interested in this territory for the development of energy.

Not only are the tensions 

 evident between Korea and Japan, there are also growing tensions between

Japan and China as well.

For Korea and Japan, the arguments currently taking place could lead to a

possible war. The Japanese 

 are very strong in their desire to claim Dockdo’s rich natural resources. 

 Given their history of 

 militarism during World War Two, it would not be surprising to see more 

 activity in that area.

The people of Korea must correct history rewritten by Japan regarding the 

 ownership of Dockdo Island

Citizens must fulfill their obligation for mandatory military duty in order to

be prepared for the threat

of war. If we have learned anything from history, it would be the tragedy of 

 losing sovereignty over territory belonging to Korea.

Though we have now mover into the new millenium, some Japanese 

 government officials are still in the

grip of imperialism. They are still claiming that Dockdo belongs to them. It is

 a significant issue that is

 causing frictions between the two countries. Some believe this situation 

could lead inevitably to Peace

 "The Passion and Beauty"of Korean Art

A Historical , Cultural,and Political Perspective

Written by David ,Chang

Published Registration No 2 - 3394 (2004)





Galleria  Pure green tea


From Pure Natural Farm



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 Depending on the way you use green tea, you can divide green tea into two types of tea.






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