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제목 [기본] 갤러리아장 입장 유물 관람안내,Galleria,Viewing relics,Admission 등록일 2016.11.05 00:00
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Galleria,Viewing relics,Admission 






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green tea drinking manners
the Korean mind
mental processes 




Galleria Pure green tea


From Pure Natural Farm


"Limited"100% Traditional  Handmade.



Korea : galleria 6 - 8gil seobuk-gu cheonan-si Chungnam, Seoul Korea / Zip code 31166




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 Galleria  Pure green tea


From Pure Natural Farm


5 bunji youngamri seobuk-gu cheonan-si Chungnam, Seoul Korea





The Korean Tea Ceremony is a highly evolved art with a strictoy defined


set of procedures to


 prepare and drink tea with the aim of training both the body and the mind.


Tea leaves have the


ability to help detoxify the body.


Korean people have enjoyed tea since ancient times and it is still enjoyed by the general





                                                                                                                    Galleria  Pure green tea


From Pure Natural Farm


Though many people regard Chinese tea in high esteem, the reality is that


 the production of tea


 leaves there has become affected recentlly by pollution from the growing


number of factories.


 The quality of soil has also been diminishing, affecting the taste and flavor of the leaves.


The quality of the leaves produced in factories also cannot compare with


the quality of leaves


grown in the fresh, pure air of the Korean countryside and in the organic ground.


 There is loving


 care given to the production of this leafy treasure. While there are great


 amounts of Chinese tea in mass production, the


production of Korean tea is more limited and therefore, it is a rarer commodity.


Other countries could learn much from the reverence and seriousness given to the




 and consumption of tea by the Korean people. There is beauty in the process.


Every step of preparation is important. lt starts by boiling the water at 100 degrees. The fire


should be stoked to a modest




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                                                                                                   Galleria  Pure green tea


From Pure Natural Farm




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