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Chung, Sunjin

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글쓴이 galleria




It was expressed through the window of the heart through the dreaming world filled with the golden light and the light of love and hope rather than dried and solitude. I tried to make a strong contrast between black and white, expressing a clear image, and chanted the nature with a free-flowing line.



I closed my eyes and recalled my days when I was carrying a kite while following my brother even in a desolate apartment. As I fly a kite, I dream of flying freely like a kite in the sky.


I tendered a kite string with ink and expressed it with gold power to show the endlessness.



On the white rice paper, I brushed with ink giving a light and shade, dividing the space into large, small, wide and narrow,


On top of that, leaving the middle part of the darkest coloring, brushing the white part blurred and heavy, resulting in a strong contrast between black and white.

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