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Chung, Sunjin

제목 Sun-Jin, Chung 등록일 2017.01.05 11:36
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Artist : Sunjin,Chung



Realization of modern sense in the tradition of ink painting


Own unique spiritual characteristics in the tradition of ink painting, which has been descended through many years, I want to realize the Korean senses in modern way. Therefore, in my work, the traditional element lies beneath the surface, while the modern sense is being displayed.

I have been exploring for a long time in order to acquire various techniques and spirits of traditional ink painting, and I have formed my own creation at the end of such inquiry.


Through various materials, I tried to express today's Korean emotions by using traditional techniques such as PoMo and Spreading. I intended to embody the deep taste underneath the traditional ink painting.

I feel that the abundant inner world is approaching in the composed space of work. It may be attributed to the technique of strokes of the brush, but it may be fundamentally derived from the artist's life experience. In recent years, the traditional styles or forms of ink painting have been expressed in a more freely expressive way. Beyond that freedom, the tradition and the Korean atmosphere in ink painting are clearly revealed in the light and shade of ink, or in the space of the rice paper.



Buildings that always seem to be seen in the middle of the city are always seen as new in the daytime or at night.


In a solitary, barren urban life, I stared at the sky through apartment windows, listening to Namsan, Han River, trees and birds, and expressing my sense of modernity with the light and shade of ink onto the white rice paper.



It is viewed as an absolute sense of loneliness in a turbulent city. The serene gaze is gravely quiet but so nervous and tense that it might miss the flow of time with a light sleep. I closed my eyes and communicated with nature through the window of my heart, expressing with the brush of ink onto the white rice paper.





It was expressed through the window of the heart through the dreaming world filled with the golden light and the light of love and hope rather than dried and solitude. I tried to make a strong contrast between black and white, expressing a clear image, and chanted the nature with a free-flowing line.



I closed my eyes and recalled my days when I was carrying a kite while following my brother even in a desolate apartment. As I fly a kite, I dream of flying freely like a kite in the sky.


I tendered a kite string with ink and expressed it with gold power to show the endlessness.



On the white rice paper, I brushed with ink giving a light and shade, dividing the space into large, small, wide and narrow,


On top of that, leaving the middle part of the darkest coloring, brushing the white part blurred and heavy, resulting in a strong contrast between black and white.



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