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제목 The United States, where the wind blew, liked the fair rules. Since 1990 Jang Hye-rim (Hyelim Chang) 등록일 2019.12.14 15:49
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Go to the Beolgyo Bridge in front of you/ The corner of the market where the dust of your fists has blown/ the house of the low spear/ the clang of the rice wine has been mixed with the sound of the rice wine, which leaks like seaweed.When you want to see the green tea fields in ice eggs, go to the hive/ where the memories of Arin are waiting in tears/ collecting your hands reverently/ reaching the faltering imaginary snow garden/ Maria deformed to a distant mountain with a large eyeshadow/ walking through the mottled birch forest/ Some nectarous bloom in the sun.




Jang Hye-rim (Hyelim Chang) is the fifth of Jang Sung-soo's three sons and three daughters (two older brothers, two older sisters and one younger brother) and was born in Beulgyo in May of next year. She is a member of the foundation's annual association, which was taught by her students on the agenda, Heo Baek-ryeon. The United States, where the wind blew, liked the fair rules. Since 1990, she has graduated from the State University of New York (F.I.T., majoring in Painting) and Princeton Art Academy, and from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University, the Graduate School of Fine Arts. She is known in New Jersey as an artist who expresses her longing by painting, wraps up her pain and comforts her. She is a writer with immaturity, anti-reflection, and endless compassion for the weak.



Jang Hye-rim was a kind child who was quiet and gentle in elementary school and was good at greeting. In middle school, she was so good at painting that her art teacher always cut out famous paintings in her diary. She was interested in social services and missionary work, so she majored in social welfare as a minor in college. A devout Christian, she likes magnolia, a symbol of nobility and fraternity, and prayer flowers that bow down at night and bloom alive during the day. 30 percent of the profits from the individual more than 20 years she using her talent for the poor, more than 25 years in the United States, promoting Korean culture, and Dokdo.Have been let me know.


Jang Hye-rim has won prizes in South Jeolla Province, the Seoul Arts Awards, the Seoul Arts Awards, the Seoul Art Exhibition, the Shilla Art Competition, the Shilla Arts Awards, the Korea Cultural Heritage Award outside of Korea, the New York State Market Cultural Prize, and the New Jersey City Market Cultural Prize. Jang Hye-rim, a big fan of "People Enjoying the Art," is also a collector of works by Jackson Pollack and Monet. She has been constantly working in New York, Paris, and Korea. Without being swept away by the current of the times, she describes Mother Nature's landscape as her own painting style, "The aesthetics of emptiness." It is in line with the direction that Korean painting is pursuing. She went on a self-imposed exile in New Jersey to escape her favorite haunts and greed.


The author honors nature's "restraint and projection." The green and beautiful nature is plainly imaged through simplification work with the author's religious meditation, its pious and distinct will. The dynamic beings in her works are transparently clear, as if they were stripped of civilization, and are strangely familiar to us in civilization. Her soul is projected into her work. The time to create by fine-tuning softness and manners is a happy moment comparable to prayer, and it is a time to heal the daunting routine and focus on the spirit inherent in human beings, the causality. Her paintings represent her erudite spirit and the spirit of foreboding.



In China, the artist's apology is referred to as chest-to-mouth medicine. Sympathy, which emphasizes natural beauty on the basis of creation, has been an indicator of the artist's artistry. The genuine works of Jang Hye-rim, who gently feels grace and gratitude through the valley and hills of her heart, have brought great emotion to Americans. An ordinary tree was given the meaning of an extraordinary tree, and the sublime beauty of what existed in the painting was highlighted. Chang Hye-rim, Gina Chang gradually became a small-sounding artist. Many of her works have been housed in various government offices, including the Bobdoll Museum and the City Hall and New York Open Center in New Jersey, and the state government encouraged her with various awards through cultural events.



Jang Hye-rim experiences a wandering diaspora. On a cold winter's day when he was creative in a faraway land, only a snowflake like a spotless cotton bud covered the stark ground. Outside the snowy window was reminiscent of the long lost author's childhood home, the winter scenery of his school. At the moment, the tears became hot, and the two mother roe deer, who came down to the human residence in search of food, looked louder and louder. She went straight into the tomb, realized the significance of the arithmetic, and began to learn how to express the subject like breaking the conversation. The topic of the day of inspiration was named "Winter Rest."


Jang Hye-rim has held 16 individual and invitational events so far in Korea, the United States and France. She has made the writer's inner world a analogy through apology in the U.S. by announcing "Spring in My Home," "Soonman," "Winter," "New Window," and "Solsan" (Home) "Liberation," about the natural landscape of her hometown. She is creating works that create "creative natural beauty" in which nature, not the nature of the wait-and-see author, is integrated with the author's inner sympathy. She seeks "Dream World Travel," which has become her main theme through passionate painting work, but humbly feels that she is still in the process of training in the creation of arithmetic.








Jang Hye-Rim is a Korean painter who has devoted himself to painting slowly on the right path through the long winter, which is like breaking the ice of painting in a strange place. He has lived a life like a eldest son, living a life that bypasses his wildest dreams in America. The good things that he has built will bring forth a new rich and happy day. Her clear and transparent painting, which many people of light are paying attention to, bears a mysterious. The review to call home Baeki-san to the U.S. and let him play a pair of deer in a wide field gives him hope like an oil field. Good luck to you.




Jang Hye-Rim is a first-time writer for the U.S. and Canada, a member of the Princeton Art Museum, a member of the Art Council of Princeton, a member of the Galleria Chang, a member of the Seoul American Association of American Art, a member of the Korean Art Institute, and a member of the Munsan Suzy Association of Korea. She is a judge at the U.S. Cultural Heritage and New Jersey Children's Art Competition. Her Korean supporters logo for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics was broadcast in 92 countries at the same. She is the only Korean to be a promising future hallyu star in the art world whose works are scheduled to be introduced in Art Book and Art Brand in 2020.



Jang Hye Rim's main exhibition:

2001 Korean 30 Artists Nomination Invitation (New York Avalon Hotel)


200204 The Passion and Beauty of Korean Art (New Jersey Hilton Hotel)



2004 Artexpo New York (Jacob K. Javits Center)


2005 Korea, China, Japan Exchange of Women Writers (Princeton Gallery)



2005 The Passion and Beauty of Korean Art New York Open Center)


2006 Korea Culture & Arts Non-profit Group Exhibition (New York Open Center)


2007 Korea Asian Game (New Jersey Hilton Hotel)


2007 Asia Heritage Fair (New Jersey Hilton Hotel)


2009 Best Artists 20 Invitation (New Jersey Whiphan Gallery)


2009 Korean Contemporary Art Renaissance Invitation (Danwon Museum of Art)


2010 Art 2010 Exhibition (Art and Criticism)


2010 MBC TV Life <The Story of Jung Ji Young's Culture>


2010 Art Fair Nice Franchise Art France


2010 Korea's Best Writer Award (Art and Criticism)


2012 Korea Art Festival (D/Center)


2013 Korea Selected Writers' Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)


2014 Phila Korea World Stamp Exhibition Special Invitation for 100 People (Coex)


2014 Korea Literary Sals Association Exhibition (Korea Museum of Art)


2014 "People's Exhibition Like Nature" (Kimpo City Hall)


2014,15 Artexpo New York (NY 94 Pier)


2015 Master's Degree Request for Hongik University Graduate School (Modern Art Museum of Art)


2015 Paris Grand Palais


2016,17 Artexpo New York (NY 94 Pier)


2017 France-Endefangdang Angkoran (Art World)


2017 Salon Art Shopping (Louvre Museum)


Ceremony at the 2017 PyeongChang Olympics (KBS Broadcasting Station)


2018 Korea Culture & Art Exhibition (USA)


2018 International Contemporary (India Radark)


2018 39th Hydrological Rotation "Breath" (Artown Gallery)


2019 40th Amphibious Rotation Mudeung Gallery / Koto City International Foundation


2019 Artexpo New York (NY 94 Pier)





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