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제목 Yulgok, Lee Yi was a scholar and politician who was bon in 1536 and died in 1584. 등록일 2001.11.25 14:39
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Title- Yulgok,LeeYi

Size- (Width) 41cm x (Length) 53cm

Material_ Traditional Korean paper, Natural Ink, 

Period- Modern

Artist- HyeLim.Chang




Yulgok, Lee Yi was a scholar and politician who was

bon in 1536 and died in 1584.

He wrote under two pen names, Yulgok and

Sukdam Duksu was the name of his ancestral clan. He was bom in

Gangneung, in Gangwon province. His fahter was Lee

Wonsu and his mother was Shin Saimdang. His mother

educated young Lee Yi and he passed the Jinsashi,

eaming the title of Jinsa, at the age of 13 in 1548 When

he was 19, he went to the Geumkang Mountain to study

Buddhism, but after one year he rejoined society and

focused on the study of metaphysics. When he turned 22,

he married a daughter of Noh Kyungrin, a governor of

Seonju province and went to visit the great philosopher

Lee Whang. That year Lee Yi won first prize in the Byulshi

and published a book titled “Cheondo”

He passed nine consecutive examinations carried out by

the government, earning him the title “the nine times

winner of examinations.“


During his lifetime, he wrote many books including

Donghomundab, Maneonbongsa, Seonghakjibyo and

Gyeongmongyogyeol. Most of all he was highly interested

in metaphysics.


To understand the metaphysics of Lee Yi, you have to

Know his principles of Yi and Gi. ln thess principles, he

emphasized Yi and Sil. These are the two building blocks

of his study of metaphysics.


His books show that he actively participated in many areas

of society, including politics and economics abd he tried to

revolutionize the society of his times.


Following are his principles:

Select competent individuals for government offices

Lower the tax burden on the public

Give opportunities to the lowest class by promoting them

Nurture 100,000 soldiers to strengthen national security


These principles reflect how much Lee Yi loved the

Korean people and the nation.

lmplementing the theory of harmony and applying learning

to real life were Lee Yi’s goals. This is the true way of the

lives of scholars and politicians from which we can learn.


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